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Re: RE:Iron

> Newer folks always seem to point the accusing finger at nutrients but often
> it is water changes and CO2 and perhaps needing to add KNO3. CO2 is the big
> one though. Check this first then move on. It takes time for the plants to
> get going again also. Patience always helps. If your plants are doing well
> then your doing something right so the levels don't really matter.

I had a nasty iron deficiency recently.  Some plants, like babytears,
showed a little deficiency.  But the Amazon Frogbit made it VERY easy
to tell.  Fast reproduction, but VERY yellow leaves.  Started TMG,
within a week, frogbit leaves were nice green color again.

So, what I THINK I learned from this was that iron deficiency can be
detected by looking at the condition of new growth.  Is this close to

I believe I've seen signs of nitrate deficiency too, with old leaves dying
away from the edges, but the leaf veins still green, while new leaves come
in nice a green for a while.   But I'd guess that some nutrient deficiencies
just slow/stop the growth.

I guess my question would be:  What nutrient deficiencies will just 
prevent growth, as opposed to causing visual deformities in the plants?