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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #140

I'm digging out some stuff I've got from previous issues of Aqualife, Fish 
Magazine, Minima and Amano. Lot's of excellent photos, but everything is in 
Nihongo (Japanese). That means I gotta translate it for you non-literate 
types. If there is anyone else out there who reads Kanji I'll send you some 
of the scanned pages and you help me thrash through it.

>Subject: RE: terrariums & river tanks
>Joe Anderson is looking for links to Paludarium sites...
> > does anyone have a url or info on river tanks or terrariums.
> > i remember lst year there was a female(if i recall correctly) list 
> > who had put together an amazon river or biotype tank.  plus i recall 
> > others discussing river tanks adn terrariums.  i am esp.
> > interested in info
> > on tanks with water falls.
>Check the links that I have placed on the web site for our local Toronto
>plant group (http://www.interlog.com/~jpurch/webs/taapg/Default.htm). Go to
>"Resources", then "WWW Links of Interest to Aquarists", and finally
>"Paludariums". The links there should have enough info to get you started.
>James Purchase

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