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Iron Test Kit.

Has anyone had any good experience with the Seachen Iron Test Kit?

It seems consistent, but they tell you to wait 10-15 minutes to take a
reading for ionic Fe, and to wait 30-45 minutes to take a chelated Fe
reading (from the same sample).  I can't get any significant reading for the
ionic Fe, but get about .1 ppm for the chelated Fe.

Which reading should I be be looking at?  If its the ionic Fe, I'm afraid I
might have to get the $62 LaMotte kit.

Speaking of LaMotte (and Hach) kits,  they do make a whole bunch.  If anyone
has a product number and some specifics on the ease of use at 0-.2 ppm, I
would appreciate the info.  I think I saw one of the LaMotte Fe kits for

Steve Pituch