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Plants in Public Aquariums

Dave G wrote:

>Actually, AFAIK, there are almost none.   Queen of the public aquaria in
>plants is Tennessee in Chattanooga, wait for PAM 2 for an article.
>Baltimore just opened a big Amazon biotope tank, I will tell you more in a
>couple of weeks.   If Karen has anything to say about it, I would bet
>Boston has something.   But that is probably close to it.   Too bad.

We had some pretty neat planted exhibits at the NEA, but they were part of
a temporary exhibit on N.E. ponds.  The exhibit lasted about 18 months, and
then made way for the "Coastal Rythms" exhibit, which is now being taken
off line for the new Rift Lake exhibit.  

Scott had plans for upgrading a couple of the big tanks in the permanent FW
gallery, but that is on hold for the time being, as he heads off to
Barcelos to work with Dr. Chou on Project Piaba for 2 years.  I think the
FW gallery will be in a holding pattern until his return.