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Re: Java Fern & Bolbitis

Bill Wrote.........
>Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 20:10:20 -0500
From: "Bill Curtin" <wcurtin at mediaone_net>
Subject: Re: Java Fern & Bolbitis

I want to let every one know that I am all out of the java fern & bolbitis.
The lucky ones who got it, it is on the way. I received about 25-30
about it with 90% looking for bolbitis. It it that hard to grow or find? I
had it growing like a weed in my tank (72 Gal) to the point of taking over
and had to remove most of it.

I think I am one of the lucky bolbitis recipients.  What are your tank
parameters like that allow bolbitis to grow so well?  I have never had it
and would like to keep some going in my soft (Kh, Gh, lot-O-light planted
discus tank)?  The little I know is that it may prefer harder water??  FWIW
I also I use 25ml TMG after 50+% weekly water change (well I empty 50% then
circulate new water from my tap for about 20min while one of my Magnums
pumps water out of the tank into the garden), plus I add 5ml/day PMDD
(double KNO3 recipe of all things?), Fe-measurable (slight pink hue),  but
<.1 using Seachem Fe test kit, P -.2-.5 (yikes!), N-never measurable, also
add some K2SO4 on occasion) very little visible algae.