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Re: Rotala frustrations

There is one way to permanently rid your tank of this plague. Copper 
treatment over time will eradicate it. Unfortunately, it will totally 
decimate some plants, permanently stunt others, and have only a mild 
temporary effect on some others. No, I didn't use it to get rid of thread 
algae--I did that the hard way--picking off leaves, picking off gravel 
(Daily!), cleaning walls etc. When I had it at a really manageable level, 
where new growth of thread algae didn't appear, but every several days, I 
treated for ick with aquarisol. It totally destroyed the thread algae, but 
many plants as well :-(

Try ludwigia glandulosa, for a beautiful red-purple color. Or Alternanthera.


<< Speaking of algae, bunchy thread/beard algae continues
 to persist even though conditions are much better than
 they used to be.  Other algae is pretty much under
 control, but this stuff stays.  I have concluded that
 once it appears, you can NEVER, EVER, EVER get rid of
 it, no matter how hard you try, or what you do.  No
 changing of tank conditions, pruning, water changes,
 addition of nitrates and phosphate, subtraction of
 nitrate and phosphate, water changes, algae eaters, or
 anything else will ever stop it.  I'm very close to
 getting out some hydrogen peroxide, as it seems I have
 no choice.  I'm only worried about my Caridina
 japonica, which are delicate as it is.
 If I can't grow R macrandra, what is a really easy
 reddish plant that stays red, bushy, and healthy?