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I've finally managed to get all the bits and pieces for my own
DIY CO2 DIY (well nearly anyway) but I had one final question
to ask those who have already done this.

I've got a CO2 bottle, a Nupro B-SS4-V Metered Valve, Nupro bubble
counter, CO2 diffusor and I pickup diffusor Dual Stage Low Flow
regulator on Friday. My question is, how have people connected
their Metered (Needle) Valve to the regulator in the case of
a manual setup? When I purchased the Nupro valve I also Nupro
up two brass nibs (can't recall their proper name), these are
inserted into the ends of the valve and allow you to connect
CO2 air tube directly to the valve. I was thinking that I may
also need to buy another brass nib to connect the valve and the
regulator via another rubber tube, should I be thinking more
along the lines of purchasing a brass connector in order to connect
the valve directly to the regulator?

Thanks for the help,


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