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Dennerle Fertilizer balls; Bamboo shrimp

 1)  A local store has Dennerle fertilizer balls for sale. Rather expensive,
but the bottle says they last for 2 years. Does anyone have experience with
them? An email to Dennerle said they have

2) Is anyone familiar with a critter called Bamboo Shrimp? They are sold
here and seem to be perhaps some kind of Singapore Wood Shrimp. They have
dark brown stripes on a tan background.

3) Blue Crayfish - are they plant eaters? SAE or Otocinclus eaters? The
color is wild, but I don't think they are dyed. (Australian blues?)

Sorry, to all who thought I was going to visit an Israeli aquatic plant
grower. We never made it, though if I do I will let you know.

All the best,
Shmuel Silinsky