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RE: A Warning about the warning about Aquabotanic.

Subject: Re: A Warning about the warning about Aquabotanic.
     From: "M.G." <msg at laol_net>
     Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 21:21:46 -0600

"And who is to say that Robert's version wasn't twisted?"

Well actions speak louder than words, and this person
previously posted on AC about doing almost exactly the
same thing to another M.O. plant company back in January.
In that post she actually praises Aquabotanic about the great
quality of their plants, and also talks about sending nasty emails
to the other company and "eventually" getting a full refund out of
them, even though they did not see any reason to give her one.
Seems to me, like she tried the same thing again here and resorted to
this when it did not work.  That is certainly backed up by Robert's
version of events.  Not to mention she told him she had already reported

him to the State Attorney General's office.  She then registered on
other boards, apparently for the sole purpose of posting this complaint.

I am just saying it seems a bit too excessive for me to swallow it
without question.
So...I am questioning it!

I am guessing that Robert did not get the good reputation that he DOES
have in this community by swindling people, or refusing to be
flexible with a reasonable person's complaint.  From what I have
seen on the boards and here, that is certainly not the case.

As I mentioned I have no vested interest in Aquabotanic and I don't know

Robert any better than anyone else that posts regularly on here
or any other fish/plant board (at least before this all started).  I
the complaint about the delay is valid, but that was rectified as stated

in the post, and was apologized for.  I admit I could be totally wrong
Aquabotanic may indeed be entirely at fault!  Perhaps he should have
bowed to her demands of a full refund, even if she was being
Would you?  Would I, probably not, but who knows?

I gotta tell you though, something smells fishy about this one and I am
perfectly comfortable about taking this person to task over it.  I would

just really hate to see anyone blindly accept this person's post
(as several I am sure did) and have it tarnish someone else's previously

good reputation.  Especially when there is even the slightest bit of
that there is some malicious intent behind it, which I feel there is.

That just does not seem anywhere _close_ to being fair to me,
and THAT is why I am posting this.  Sorry Cynthia and others,
I know this is going to annoy people and I promise this is my last
word on it.