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Beard Algae & Bleach

I am thinking about using bleach to eliminate remnants of beard algae left
in my tank.
About 4 months ago, I had some major problems with my 75 gallon tank ...
most annoying was the thread/hair algae and the cyanobacteria.  Although I
also had some beard algae, it was hardly a nuisance compared to my other
Thanks to some great advice I have gotten from plant folks on this list, my
tank is in pretty good shape now.  The hair/thread algae and cyanobacteria
have been gone for months.
The beard algae, however, has remained.  Although it only appears on my
slow-growing plants, I would like to eliminate this last nuisance.  Certain
pieces of driftwood are covered with a somewhat thick mat of the stuff.  And
my Anubias gets the algae on the stems and on the older leaves.  Other than
that, I see a small amount of beard algae on very old Crypt leaves, but not
much here ... and I can usually prune these older leaves away.  With the
Anubias, the growth is too slow to eliminate the algae with pruning.
The bleaching plan I have is as follows: use a somewhat strong batch on all
the driftwood (perhaps 1 beach to 4 water, and some elbow grease), and use a
mild batch (1:19) for 60 seconds on my Anubias only.
Does anybody know a better way to eliminate this pest?