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Photos of bumblebee shrimp


1) If somebody can send me the scientific name I'd
appreciate it.

2) I staretd with 20 a week ago. I have about 6 now. They
got a bit chilled waiting in the car for 4 minutes in
a styro and the water was pretty cold when I got home.
I got them from Haydn Pounder in Mississauga who has
about a hundred of them and has for about a month.

3) Their favorite food seems to be java moss. I'll
bet they eat riccia, too. They DO eat algae.

4) The ones that are left are molting just fine. They're
resonably active.

5) The bodies should be clear with dark black bands. Before
they die they go all clousy and the black turns to reddish
brown. Wen they die they go the color of cooked shrimp.

6) They have amazing personalities and are extremely
entertaining. I love these little guys and plan on
getting more and being a bit more careful on the way
home (It's a long drive and I had to make several


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