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Plants by mail

Time for my two cents:

For those folks complaining about the condition of plants they got in the mail...
Realize there is a trade off here!  I have never yet received plants in the mail
that weren't "half dead".  What did I do with them?  I PLANTED them.  Within a
week they were showing an awesome turn around and looking good.

When plants are shipped, whether it's wrapped in wet newspaper or individually
encased in hermetically sealed crystal containers, they tend to loose a little
oomph in the shipping.  I've had plants shipped in from all over and they almost
always came back fine.  If I wanted to pay $5-10 each I'm sure I could fine
someone willing to package them so not a leaf was bent, but I want them cheap and
fast and most dealers price their plants to allow for this.  I do wish though
that all would be courteous enough to label each plant with the latin and common

If you want pristine plants in immaculate condition, make sure you specify this
and ask what type of shipping will be used, and be prepared to PAY.  There's a
reason the LFS charges $5 for a plant I can buy for $1.50 mail order.  That's
where some of mine go after 2 weeks in my tanks :)

I am not now nor never associated with anyone that sells plants.  Unless someone
makes me an offer I can't refuse....