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Tokyo fish

If anyone gets the opportunity to visit Japan I'd recommend a trip to the
aquarium on the first floor of the Tokyo Tower.  It's basically a very large
LFS that charges an entry fee (Y800) but they have a huge range of fish &
plants with prices ranging from Y50 ($0.45) to Y2,500,000 ($a-lot).

The main different thing I've seen here in the last week is a CO2 kit by
Tetra which uses small disposable, 'aerosol-like' gas canisters.  I've never
seen it in the UK; is it available in the US?  Cost is around $100.

Another interesting LFS is in the basement of the 'Tokyu Hands' store in
Yokohama.  Lots of CO2 gizmo's &, as well as regular fish & plants, they
sell an aquarium set-up for Jellyfish.