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Re: Collective list of plant mail order companies

> Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 11:40:24 EST
> From: Biplane10 at aol_com
> Would it be possible (and would it be permitted) to get a collective list of 
> plant mail order companies, and experiences people have had with them? A 
> point mentioned often about commercial presence was that it is beneficial for 
> those new to the hobby, or those looking for a source, to easily find that 
> here on the APD, by those businesses posting their url. It would be helpful 
> if they could decide among many, depending on the plants they want, or 
> prices, than just those frequently posting here. And we have a forum here, 
> where we can share our negative, as well as positive experiences. Should we 
> rely on the business to post a fair critique of their business on their web 
> site. No, Aqua Botanic has many testimonials posted, and they're all positive 
> (obviously). And unlike the lfs, we can't judge quality and customer service 
> until it's too late.
> I had a rather mixed experience with one company, and would like to know 
> other's experience with them. They offer a large selection and relatively 
> good prices, but, let's just say I wasn't overwhelmed by the quality of their 
> plants, and hesitate to order from them again.
> I've found a few other places from links on member's web sites but reluctant 
> to order because of my experience. As I said, it might be helpful to get a 
> cohesive list together and perhaps recommendations or criticisms by other 
> members.
> Any ideas, suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Sylvia

I would be glad to post such "reviews" on my aquarium product review web page ( I already have one there)  if people would like to e-mail me their experiences. I think this would be a an appropriate way to let other people know what experiences people have had with on-line/mail order plant suppliers without taking up bandwidth on the list. You can check out my current reviews at: http://www.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/Equipment.html. There has been one such review submitted at the end of January,  click on the Freshwater Aquatic Plant Supply Reviews link. I would welcome more additions to make this a more complete and helpful site. Hopefully people with good experiences will contribute as well as the bad so we get a balanced overview. It seems that sometimes it takes a bad experience for people to be motivated to contribute such things , while the good things are just taken for granted. Check out my site and e-mail me off list if you would like to contribute.
Bob Buettner
In sunny and not too cold Northwestern CT
Visit the new location for my Freshwater Aquarium site