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Re: A Warning about the warning about Aquabotanic.

I apologize, but the link I gave regarding this has been recently
from Aquaria Central by the moderator.  I will take that as confirmation

that the original post should have never been posted.  Unfortunately
reply was also deleted along with the entire thread.

I hope RobertH responds to this accusation here.  I don't mean to
pressure you
Robert, or offend anyone's "non-commercial posting" sensibilities, but
the post may
have already influenced at least two possible customers that responded
to it.  I think
Robert should be given equal time to give his side of the story, if he
so chooses.

I would _Strongly_  urge any of you that read that post and are
purchasing mail order plants to contact RobertH personally to learn the
other side of that story, and judge his service for yourself.
Suffice it to say there is another side to this, that strongly suggests
completely unreasonable and vindictive customer who's sole intent
(despite the sugar coating) of posting was to discredit Aquabotanic.

NO I do not have a vested interest in Aquabotanic, I am just tired
of people not taking responsibility for their own poorly informed
consumer choices.
The only apparent complaint in that entire post that was valid was the
fact that the
initial order was lost and it was late in arriving.  Something which
Robert admited
to and says he "applogized profusely for".  In fact, a good portion of
it appears to
be a total fabrication and/or twisting of the facts.

I would welcome the original poster to challenge that.

Sorry if this post is not directly about plants, but having been
similarly falsely accused of something in the past, this sort of
vindictive behaviour really pushes my buttons.