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Re: A Warning about the warning about Aquabotanic

I am unsure if my earlier post on this subject came through since
I was using my other account.  If so this will be somewhat rehashed,
but also serve as an update.  If it did not, it is repeated at the
Aquaria Central link I give below.

With all due respect to Cynthia's recent post, there
is another side to this post, that to RH's credit he seems to have avoided
posting all over creation in reply to all of these posts.  I'm not quite so
Please don't spank me listmom...well,  ACTUALLY....oh nevermind ;-)

I was initially a bit concerned about the altruistic nature of the post
regarding Aquabotanic.  First, it went against all other comments
I have seen in many other forums and any personal (although very limited)
experience I have had with RobertH or his business.  Also it seemed out of
character to the normally very helpful and informative posts that RH usually
here and at a variety of other forums.  Second, AZGardens, which the poster
as having a better service policy has exactly the same no refund and "must
no substitution policy as Aquabotanic.  Both of which the poster conveniently
left out.
Finally it seemed like a bit of sour grapes over the initial delay, and a case of
consumer knowledge regarding existing and clearly stated policies regarding
and substitutions.

You can read Robert's reply to this "warning" at Aquaria Central
at the link below.  He freely admits he intially screwed up the order, but the
is a rather interesting read.  Personally I think he should reply here as
well, since so much of his business could be affected by this and
at least some people still have e-mail but not web-based access.