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Re: Green Water

Susan Barnum wrote:
To Steve regarding your green water problem:
I know you feel like you accomplished something by removing 95% of your
water and now the water is clear, but... I'm sure the green will return
in time. You didn't really "solve" the problem. Recently I went thru the
same pea soup episode you have experienced. It turns out I have a high
phosphate level in my water. You should get yourself a phosphate test
kit and some phosphate remover.  See where this leads you...


Thanks for your input.  My tap water is about .5ppm phosphate, and after a
week, the tank water is about .25ppm phosphate.  I don't think this is
enough for me to worry about.  Yes, I don't know how the green water
started, and it could come back, but I think it will not.

I had bleached all my plants and the tank, and totally restarted the tank
about 2.5 months ago, because I had a very bad case of BBA from a plant
bought at a LFS.  I think that the plants were a bit in shock when they were
replanted.  I think they were not responding to light and fertilizer, and
the green algae was.

Now that the water is clear and the plants are receiving light and are
growing, I'm hoping that this will starve any green algae in the water
column.  Time will tell.  I won't hesitate this time to kick in the Vortex
DF if I see any hint of green.

The other data is:
75 gal, Gomberg CO2 (4 bubbles per sec)
KH=220ppm, GH=110ppm
NO3 usually 0, but keeping it at 10 ppm,
using TMG to keep Fe at .1 ppm.
Two  175W MH 5500K pendants on an open top.  (This may seem like a lot of
light for this tank, but it is what is recommended, and it doesn't appear to
be overly bright, and is cooler than my 2/4/6 tube 40W fluorescent
ventilated hood I hand previously).

Steve Pituch
Katy, TX