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Phosphate Buffers

Roger Miller Wrote:

> You might also try a *small* dose of a phosphate-based pH buffer.  For
>  instance, Greg Morin told us some time back that SeaChem's phosphate
>  buffers used as directed gave 80-100 ppm of phosphate; to dose your
>  tank with 0.1 ppm phosphate you would use 1/1000th of the directed dose.

That's good to know. Before I started injecting CO2, I was using Discus 
Buffer to set my pH. I have done MANY water changes since then and am using a 
phosphate resin to still try to get it all out. I already had a nasty 
cyanobacteria outbreak (my nitrates fell to zero) and all my plants stopped 
producing O2 bubbles. I'm finally down to 9 ppm PO4 - almost there! I added 
some potassium nitrate and things are about back to normal. I do have some 
kind of hair algae growing in a few areas on my drift wood (maybe staghorn 
algae), but I think it's a very pretty algae, so it's welcome there.