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Re: Environmental concerns

> in that position because of one or more introduced species!)  They already
> have signs at all public boat launches in MA warning about the introduction
> of "noxious weeds" on boat propellors and asking boater to check their
> boats carefully.  I'd LOVE to see it mandatory that every pet store post a
> similar warning about the disposal of aquatic plant material.  I think THAT
> would have a much greater impact than trying to ban the sale of certain

Is it really that common for people to get rid of their aquarium plants
by throwing them into a lake or stream?  I know that it's common
(unfortunately) with fish, but with plants, you can just throw any old/
excess plants in the trash.  I can't imagine someone making a trip to
get rid of plants they no longer want.

> into the wild when they are tired of them.  TALK to your schools, and make
> sure the KIDS understand that this shouldn't be done, and how it affects
> our environment.   THE KIDS are the future of our hobby, and they also hold
> to hope of our environment's future in their hands.

Well, I did at least a little of my part!   I don't know if anyone
remembers the school teacher who recently posted a message about setting
up a planted aquarium in her classroom.  Well, I sent her a nice big box
of plants, including some Hygro.  And I made sure to inform her about
"noxious weeds", and how important it was never to release non-native
animals and plants into the environment.  And she passes that lesson
along to the kids.