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More on Penac products and the people who sell/use them

Oh, this is a good one....

Way back in November, 1998, in response to a posting about Penac products
(commercial outgrowth of the Plocher gobble-d-gook), I made some comments
about what _I_ thought of such overly hyped "new age" nonsense

Well, if seems that one of the people who sell this stuff finally woke up. I
just received an e-mail (it only took him over 15 months to work up the
courage!) from a Ruud Bruinsma [penac-benelux at village_uunet.be] berating me
for having dared to disparage a product which is so widely used (guess I'd
better be careful about the tobacco industry next....). Not only was Mr.
Bruinsma ticked off at me for making the comments, he wants some revenge, so
he sent me a gift.... attached to a separate e-mail message was "happy.exe",
the infamous e-mail virus which made the rounds last year.

Mr. Bruinsma, IF you are on the APD, I hope that you read this - GROW UP! It
didn't work - I don't open unsolicited e-mail attachments.

James Purchase
(a Plocher-Free Zone)