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And now for something completely different...

Seems everyone is getting angry all of a sudden.....

I promise that this is not a "commercial post".... so flame guns off,

But it's not about plants either... <g>....., but I can't find the info
anywhere else....

Many, many, years ago, in a book by Paul Hahnel (father of the veiltail
guppy for those too young to remember), I read about a method of "color
testing" female guppies by using the male hormone methyl testosterone. My
copy of Hahnel's little book is long gone, and it seems so is my memory....

Does anyone know the steps for this procedure? (I know that methyl
testosterone is tricky stuff, and potentially dangerous to boot) I have some
guppies I would like to color test.

Thanks. Sorry for the off topic post..... reply off list, please.

James Purchase
(a frequent e-commerce junkie)
mailto://jpurch at interlog_com