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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #130

Matt wrote>
>Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 15:31:20 -0500
>From: "Matt" <marius1 at gate_net>
>Subject: Lighting a tiny tank.
>Hello, all!
>I have had a 2.5 gallon plant tank (if you can imagine that...) for a 
>and I have gone through the florescent tubes a little too much for my
>liking.  I think my light strip is burning them out.  It is a standard
>aquarium strip light, and it takes the little 8 watt bulbs.  The bulbs last
>about 3 weeks, and then they flicker on and off, and develop blackish marks
>near the ends.  I was in a lighting store recently, actually, it was more
>like an art/lighting/weird stuff store called "Living Walls", and I noticed
>the neatest tiny light pendant I have ever seen.  It was only about 3 
>across, run by a halogen bulb, and MAN did that little light pack a punch!

I have tried halogens before when I first started my 2.5G.  It warms the 
water up WAY too much even at a distance.  If you're in the market for some 
lighting, I would suggest that you look at champion lighting and get their 
9W bulb, ballast, and socket combo.  I paid $20 for the whhole thing.  
Should give you about 3.6W of light which is perfect.  I recently put one of 
these on my tank and the results have been pleasing.  The bulb is a 5000K 
bulb and is bright white giving the tank a pleasant look.  The only thing is 
that you'll have to build a small custom hood, but that should be easy 
enough for a tank that small.  You could even put it into the hood that came 
with the tank if you fiddled with it some.  I'll put some pics on when the 
net when I get time to put a webpage up.  The tank was recently redone, so 
the growth is a little slow.  Hope this helps.

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