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Re: Illegal plants...

Scary isn't it? At this rate we'll only be able to legally obtain plastic
(gasp!) plants.

I can see it now. We'll be standing in dark alley ways with bags of aquatic
plants tucked under our raincoats, looking nervously over our shoulder for
any signs of the Plant Police as we utter; "Pssst...want to buy some
ambulia? How about an Echindorus or a Crypt?" Sure this scenario sounds a
little ridiculous, but would you want it to become reality?

Depending on how the laws are written, interpretation of those laws could
mean _ANY_ aquatic plant could be considered noxious--like the laws written
in my home state of New Hampshire. From what I remember of it, not only do
they specifically name a few species, but the language includes something to
the effect of "any non-native aquatic vascular plant".

So for me, just about all the aquatic plants that are in my house are
illegal for me to keep or grow. I understand and agree with the need to
protect our waterways. IMO most people haven't got a clue that releasing a
plant (or animal) in an area that it is not indigenous to could destroy the

Education not enforcement is what's really needed here. Write your local,
state and federal government to find out what they are up to. Get involved
in your area. I wish I knew about this before it happened. But I have only
myself to blame, and my shades to pull to keep the Plant Police out of my


on 3/1/00 8:48 AM, Chuck Gadd wrote:

> Just found this while searching for some info on Najas...
> http://water.dnr.state.sc.us/water/envaff/aquatic/illegal1.html