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My Eusteralis Stellata

I got some ES from Jon Wilson a few months ago.  I had good luck with the stuff in a 55 gallon tank with ~3 w/g.  I did notice that when I would trim the plant back the replanted tops would stop growing and new sprouts would take off.  This made for a very bushy plant.  I added KNO3 and K2SO4 at about 1/4 tsp per weekly water change.  I also added MgSO4, Flourish and Seachem KH buffer.  GH and KH are each between 4 and 6.  The pH is between 6.0 and 6.8 with pressurized CO2.  Flourite substrate.

I have a few ideas that I need to try to get the plant going well again, as it has stalled over the past weeks.  These include: Phosphate additions, TMG, softer water, etc.

I did notice that the plant was a good indicator of Fe in the water.  When you have a decent amount, the new growth is red.  When there isn't enough Fe, the new growth is green.