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Re: T.Barr's Green water/ Miller's BGA?/ Miller's attack on on-line sellers!

I now have substantial experience with this procedure (over the last 2-yrs
17 tanks of various sizes 6 in the last three months) and repeatedly get
the same result; no green water.  I failed to add with regards to peat in
the substrate,  no fish are added for two weeks and then two or three FF
fish in a (fifty-five gal) are added to fend of green hair algae (I still
depend on AEs for that).  Initial nutrient load is also critical since I
don't dose the water column and Osmocote w/in the substrate is relatively
low in quantity (Jobes added a month later after the plants are well
established). At least 2-two-liter bottles of DIY Co2 from the get-go.  

I wonder if the nutrient load that may support the initial GW bloom will
determine the effectiveness of ANY algae control method?  Perhaps, if the
nutrient load supports a truly MASSIVE outbreak passive strategies (clams,
peat) may be overwhelmed, leaving only diatom filtration or daphnia as an
effective tool. 

Yet we speak somewhat w/ anecdotes.  I will defer to the chem heads and
graduate students on list w/ the time to do controlled experimentation to
have the last word...


Miller in the in the anti-"little-cap" camp!? Well, Well.  I couldn't
believe YOU wrote:

"To the extent that online commerce of ANY SIZE [emphasis mine]
competes with the LFS the online retailers do the hobby GREAT [emphasis mine]

Harm?? HARM?!!! HOW!?!? I just hope you're not one of those sensitive types
Miller man, because I must vehemently object to this blanket piece of
hyperbole!  In case you haven't noticed Mom and pops LFS run by people like
us (who can give newbies some basic advice) are being CRUSHED by the
relentless onslaught from the Pet-supermarkests of suburbia!  I am ALL FOR
the little guy LFS struggling to stay afloat against this onslaught.  But I
see us individuals w/ day jobs and a little on-line side fighting for this
diversity side-by-side w/ the "mom & pops".  THEY bring 'em in and WE train

>My LFS now provides almost everything a usual plant
>keeper might need and they do it at a reasonable cost.  

Yeah...if you call a markup of 66-300% reasonable.  But then, they do have
overhead expenses.

>Their prices on
>fluorescent tubes are ridiculous and they don't stock CO2 systems or
>lighting systems that are sufficient for planted tanks -- or reef tanks
>for that matter -- but those things will come.

Now THAT makes sense. But they will "come" b/c mail-order outfits marketing

>The hobby is advanced by hobbyists, by hobby organizations and by the
>local shops where people (especially kids) go and become entranced by the
>aquariums, their fish and plants.    Online commercial interests don't

Since when is "hobbyist" and "Online commercial interest" mutually
exclusive?  I got into peddling DW only b/c trading for plants to meet list
demand was a serious financial & time drain as well as being a b---- to
ship! (No pun; DW does NOT grow on TREES!).  I would never have become
deeply entrenched in this hobby were it not for this list.  I wouldn't be
peddling DW were it not for the list. 

>Excuse me, but I guess I don't see you in quite the same light that you
>seem to see yourself.

Anyone who wants to "see me" can start with the APD archives back for the
last two years to get a descent impression of my opinions or for that
matter Gombo's, Frank's, or any lister.  And five months back to see just
HOW a middle-school teacher became a tiny-P/T-player in online DW retail.
Decide then if my recommendations serve the hobby.

I will grudgingly admit; I would be supporting your POV if I personally did
not cross the cross the commercial threshold 5mts ago.

~shameless "little guy" capitalist!

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