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>Subject: Breeding Caridina japonica
>Ed Street wrote a while back about breeding Caridina japonica:
>>I am happy to report that this morning while checking my tanks I noted
>>that a female yamato who was carying eggs was all shiny and no eggs, on
>>closer look I seen these mosquito larvae looking shrimp all over the tank
>>and with a glass I could see they was yamato babies!  There's probably 200
>>or more from this one female,  The other female should shed any day now so
>>hopefully i'll have aton of them from this litter.
>If they are still alive they must be moved. If the fish do not eat them the
>filter will. For more on this great shrimp check out my updated C japonica
>FAQs at:
>Ryan Stover

Infusoria as a first food? They might be too big. Since they
eat algae I'd try green water which has the added benefit of
being smaller, to boot.

I just picked up some "bumblebee shrimp" from Haydn Pounder
in Toronto. They're supposed to be better than C. japonica
in that they're more voracious and eat more types of algae.

I'll see if I can post a picture soon. Cute little
guys, but very expensive food for blue gularis. :-(

I also got an Indian Fan shrimp, about 2 inches long.
While a filter feeder, it aint gonna replace a diatom
filter for clearing up green water anytime soon :-)

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