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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #128

Roger wrote:
>I used freshwater clams to control green water and they worked, but there
>were limitations.
>The clams seemed to work very well at preventing normal green water
>blooms, but they weren't that effective at controlling existing blooms and
>sometimes the green water could get out of hand even with them present.
>Arguably, adding more clams might have worked better.

I added some 10 clams to a 20 gallon. Then added 10 mussels after no effect
after two days.

>Clams proved difficult to keep alive and healthy, and sick or dead clams
>do no filtering. Most of the clams I introduced were stressed before I
>bought them or collected them and died soon after.  I still have a small
>clam that I collected two years ago; I didn't know he was there but found
>him recently when I tore down an old tank.  My record for keeping a larger
>clam purchased from the LFS is about a year and a half.

I agree with Roger's statements. I think many have the same experiences. I
wanted to see if there were other's that had the same experiences as I. I
have found keeping the clams cooler and in a nice fine sand (I use RFUG's)
seem to get more life out of them. Most of our tanks are too warm for them I

Tom Barr