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illegal plants and mail order

checked out chucks link.  very interesting.  a lot of criminal elements on 
this list it seems! :-)
I also noticed when ordering from AZ Aquatics that H. polysperma is marked 
as banned "temporarily" and they also said that Rotala macranda would be 
banned soon too.
get it where and while you can!
and while on this '"questionably" off topic' topic i;ll add this:  Sherman's 
remarks and those of others has given me an idea.  I think (in time) i'll go 
ahead and add a mail order list page to my web site.  it is obviously sorely 
needed.  I am in no way affiliated with any of the commercial organizations 
and would be purely neutral.  I am too lazy to go into business for myself, 
so i'd TRY to list as many of the reputable mail order sources as i could.  
so, if any of you have any suggestions or sources you'd like to have listed 
email me (off list of course) and i'll "eventually" get around to putting up 
a list of all.  Of course, Erik already has a fairly good list on the KRIB.  
I use it every time i am looking for somthing, but there aare lots of other 
sources out there that i myself have used too.  I've never ordered from 
Dave, but he has been very forthright with the info and I have received some 
very nice plants from Robert, so my experience with boht has been positive.  
Other sources that i've talked to have also left me wiht a good impresson.  
i will try to list as many commercial and non-commercial sources as 
possible.  (btw. there are a lot of hobbyists out there tht are willing to 
mail out extra plants at little to no cost) i've benefitted from them myself 
many times and reciprocated when able.
many thanks, sorry for the length,
Joe Anderson.
new site URL (thanks Ray) www.aquaticlounge.aquariumplants.cx
Freshwater Shrimp in the Aquarium article now available there and at the 
KRIB. (thanks Erik)
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