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Green water posting?

Hello All,

	I was hoping that somebody might be able to foreword me a copy of the
response to the person who asked about the green water last time. It
appeared in the APD V4 #127 mailing, unfortunately I had a knee jerk
reaction and hit the delete button after I saw all those Re:Commercial
postings (shame on me, I should have been more patient and read at least
that persons posting). It should be fairly easy to find I hope, if I
remember the summary header it was the only non re:commercial posting in
the mailing ;).

	 Thanks again for your help in the past and I hope it will continue long
into the future. I'm sure most subscribers like me, who BTW live outside
your United States, really appreciate your time, your experience and your
suggestions for alternative approaches to our tank problems. Given the
limited availability of your products outside your boarders and the
prohibitive factors of exchange, shipping and at time cost, your
*knowledge* is most valuable, again thank you.