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Summary: Commercial presence on APD

I got 5 off-list e-mails regarding my questions about too many commercial
postings on APD.
One said he felt OK about the level of commercial presence, that such
information was helpful and even welcome.  This seems to have been the
prevailing sentiment on the list as well.
Two respondents agreed that there had been too much of a commercial presence
lately.  One of these felt that the continual commercial postings amounted
to "free advertising".
Two replies were from representatives of commercial entities.  Both seemed
to say that they were running their businesses for the benefit of fellow
aquatic plant enthusiasts more than for profit.

May I make a suggestion and request for commercial entities on APD?  When
someone posts to the list with a specific, individual problem, the response
to which is of less than general interest (bemoaning the fact that there are
no SAEs in Seattle, for example), could you please just e-mail them directly
with your offer of assistance?  I think that this would improve the
signal-to-noise ratio on the list.  (And maybe in future people could be
directed to an off-list FAQ or Web-page that lists commercial entities of
interest to aquatic plant enthusiasts?)
Best regards -- Sherman Lovell