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1500 g tank of CO2 in a 120 gallon tank in just three months?

I am considering CO2 injection for my 120 gallon low light tank with 232
watts of light tubes. The plants do fine, but the plants in the showtank of
my LFS (also a 120 gallon/ 400 liter) do even better.... I think I will buy
elementary Dupla equipment (with a 400 reactor or a Delta S reactor, do not
know: Delta S is very pricy, but can be given a place outside the tank) and
use a 1500 g tank of CO2.  The boss of my LFS told me he uses a 1500 g tank
of CO2 every three months... Quite costly, I think. He has a fully automated
Dupla equipped tank that brings the PH down from tapwater Ph 8 (KH 10) to a
Ph 7.2.
I do not need fast growth. I just would like my plants to see as sparkling
as at my LFS. Maybe I am just a bit foolish: my plants look good, I have few
algae, I hardly have to fertilize (one dupla plant tablet every week and
some drops of Tetra Flora pride, while I change the water 2 to 3 times a
week by each time 60 liter (about 15 gallon) so maybe I will just be
spoiling a fine balance... On the other hand, things could be even
BTW: would a welder's tank fit to the Dupla Delta CO2 system, without any
special precautions? (I am even less technicall than my most peaceful
rasbori hengeli...).
Please, kindly give me your advice.
Sietske Tol