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Re: commercial presence on APD final word.......

Hi Guys  & Girls

Coming from someone who really is not affected (being in the UK) is this not
a mountain out of a molehill??? I am not going to order from the US . I am
still very grateful to this list and could not really give a toss if someone
advertises there wares or not. To be honest I do not think there are many of
us who have not spent many minutes looking for something to purchase on the
net and wishing we could just go straight to it ! You guys are spoilt for
choice and moaning about it ! In the UK our choices are very limited.
Personally I enjoy looking at the URL's that are displayed because no matter
how experianced we are we never know, or have seen it all. As for doing the
LFS out of trade that is just rubbish because if people care they will get
off there arses and ask the LFS to obtain whatever they need for them. We
have had this discussion in the UK (Mail order V LFS) and it boils down to
relationships & education. If you have a good relationship with your LFS and
they know what you want then they will get it for you. It may cost a bit
more than mail order but it will be worth it in the long run. 

As for spamming although it is annoying it is just a case of hitting the
delete button. Come on guys this is a case of knocking people for showing
initiative and the fact that they display there URL's (and through that
there goods) does not mean you have to buy.

Therefore for the likes of Mr Gomberg and the person who does Aquabotanic
(humble apologies lost the name) good luck to you. The sites are good and
worth a couple of minutes of spare time.

Now far be it for a humble Brit for saying this BUT

can we get back to the plants instead of the politics !!!

Regards and apologies if this is a bit harsh or the language is a bit


Sitting in the middle of a classic London thunderstorm just as the working
day has finished