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Re: Commercial Presence my final word

In a message dated 2/29/00 3:50:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< It's easy to say that if we allow one person to post commercially then we
 have to allow every commercial interest to post.  I don't think it's that
 simple. If an individual's contribution to the list outweighs the
 annoyance from their commercial posts then we're better off for their
 presence and their posts need to be allowed.
Unfortunately this screams of blatent discrimination, A commercial presence 
is a commercial presence and by allowing some and not others is biased.
Other lists have completely banned commercial advertising on their lists.
A hobbyist who has gone commercial is commercial and is competing with his 
local LFS, an unfair advantage.

If a commercial enterprise wishes to sell their products there are other 
lists and means for accomplishing this. 

If a person contributes to this , should we then allow them to advertise.
IMHO  NO.............
Other lists allow trades and sales but offlist, I would suggest the same be 
exercised here.

Who will judge who can advertise and who can't.
Who knows who etc.

Eliminate the problem and allow no advertising or allow all advertising.