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18 watt t8's?

During my current round of lighting research I was reading through
PEt Warehouse's lighting section and ran across some Sylvania 24" t8 6700K
bulbs for $9.95.  This sounded interesting till I noted that they were 18
watts rather than 17watts.  I call Pet Warehouse to see if it was a typo
and they had someone check they actual bulbs and they are definitely 18
watts.  PEt Warehouse said they came from "Red Sea" in Texas and "Red Sea"
said they got them from a German company (Osram?).  

Anyway... does anyone know if those bulbs can be safely using in place of
17 watt t8s? My system has a four bulb electronic ballast that lists these
combinations 4x17, 3x17,4x32,3x32.  I'd like to use one of these bulbs
with the Sylvania 950's I'm ordering but I'd rather not cause a fire...

any ideas/suggestions/advice?
Ed Smith

 "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."