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Re: Green water

"Steven Pituch" <w2my at ev1_net> sez:
> I tried my diatom
>  filter that cleared the water up to 50 % visibility, but the green returned
>  soon after I removed the filter.  I don't want to wait it out as my plants
>  are slowly dying from lack of light.  The fish are doing quite well.

I have a small Vortex filter and it will completely clear a "pea soup" case 
of green water in an hour or two.  And that is using cheap "swimming pool" 
grade D.E.  Are you sure you are using it correctly?  When is the last time 
you back flushed it and changed the D.E.?  

And yes the green water will return, but if you get most of it, it will take 
longer to return *and* you will be removing more of whatever nutrient you 
have in excess (it will be bound up in the algae) which will help your plants 
compete with the algae.