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Re:RE: Too much of a commercial presence on APD?

>>Sherman brings up a great point here.  Batten advertising is taboo and
should not happen on the list.  I would rather tolerate (too strong a word)
good input from a few fellow aquascapers like TMG/C02-Dave G.(see
http://www.wcf.com/store/)  & GoodPlantsAtAGoodPrice-Robert P.H. (see
http://www.aquabotanic.com/)  who have turned what clearly started as a
hobby in to a small business at great benefit to other hobbyist.  Also to
the benefit of new aquascapers that are continually being ripped-off by the
aquarium industry for products that don't work and/or are sold to them by
people that haven't a clue what they are doing.  I say if they contribute to
the list (and "the two" mentioned above clearly do), then let em plug a URL
every once-in-a-while.  How many big commercial suppliers provide content
like Roberts or are publishing a new journal specific to our hobby.  NOT
ONE!  (well maybe Dupla, AquaJournal and Amono's products home pages compare
but ya can't get their products in the US).<<

Well my intention is certainly not to alienate anyone, make anyone
uncomfortable, or turn the list commercial. I didnt realize that one simple
statement in response to someones inquirey would have that reaction, but I
suppose it makes sense when I think about it. I think there have been
several people who have sutlely promoted their WEB site or endeavors, and
sometimes the temptation is there to go beyond the line. Sutelty, and
spelling, is certainly not my strongest suit. I do not want to see the list
spammed or clutter it for our international audience. Nor do I want to
detract from the eduacational value that this list has. In fact my business
was an after thought in designing my WEB site.. I wanted to create a site
that would be a gateway for the beginer, and to eventually showcase my
photos, and keep it commercial free. Hopefully the 20,000 people who have
visited it in the last six months agree.


Robert Paul H