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Commercial presence on APD


I recall that Mr. Gomberg asked for the Cynthia's input on this a while
back.  I don't know what decision he ever got from her but I have to
suspect that a decision was formulated, so carrying on this thread too
long could become an annoyance.  One should not annoy the List Mom.

Just the same, I'll take that risk this once.

I have no problem with most of the commercial and commercial-inspired
posts that we get on the list.  There have been exceptions.  In the case
of the more prominant commercial posters, all have contributed and
continue to contribute to the discussion on the list; banning their input
would harm the content of the APD.

It's easy to say that if we allow one person to post commercially then we
have to allow every commercial interest to post.  I don't think it's that
simple. If an individual's contribution to the list outweighs the
annoyance from their commercial posts then we're better off for their
presence and their posts need to be allowed.

Whether they are a net benefit or not is up to our List Mom.  I recall
that she has a pretty strong anti-advertising reflex, so I'm perfectly
willing to support her decision.

And of course, anyone who is making commercial posts needs to critique the
content of their own posts and decide for themselves whether they are
contributing to the list, or using the list for their own gain.

Roger Miller