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RE: "Grades" of CO2

Ivo Busko wondered about the difference between grades of bottled CO2.

I'm no expert, but I do know where to find one..... BOC Gases is a
world-wide company specializing in all sorts of gases and they also sell a
complete line of regulators. On their very complete web site they have a
table of the differences in the various grades of CO2 that they sell:


From the looks of the Purity Specifications (the last table on the page) it
would appear that one of the major "impurities" that could be in bottled CO2
is H2O. The presence of even a small amount of water in with the CO2 inside
of the cylinder could lead to corrosion of the cylinder, unless it is
stainless steel or glass lined. This might be a consideration for people who
like to go the "cheap" route and use a cylinder which was designed for a
non-corrosive gas.

James Purchase