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Re: Daphnia

Daphnia's not too hard at all. Keeping a greenwater culture going is not too hard either,
as more than a few members of the plants list can attest. ;)

You can find some info here:




You might want to try your local fish club (especially killifish); someone's bound to keep
some. I've also heard that you could throw some frozen daphnia in the water; some of the
daphnia will contain "resting eggs", though I haven't tried this myself.

Resting eggs (or cysts) can be easily mailed, btw. I know that Florida aquatic farms mails
out rotifer cysts.

-- Stephen

> [snip]  ... how one goes about securing and/or
> raising live daphnia?  I would think that daphnia strained from local
> streams and ponds would be risky in terms of introducing unwanted parasites.
> Thanks!
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> Dr. Neil D. Anderson