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Re: commercial presence on APD

    Personally, I don't have any problem with the level of "commercialism"
on the list as it exists. Part of the difficulty in setting up a plant
intesnsive tank is finding not only the information, but the materials and
equipment we need to operate said aquariums. And if somebody asks, "Where
can I get....", I see no problem with a list member responding with "...at
www.whatever.com" whether this is the repondants site or someone elses. This
sort of exchange is of particular value to those of us located in more
remote areas, or by the sounds of things, even those in some larger
metropolitan areas.

    If someone is asking, I have no problem with somebody else answering.
Spamming the list with "sources" for things without someone asking for them
is however, another matter.

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario

Where there ARE no LFSs!

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> Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 13:35:05 -0800
> From: Sherman Lovell <lovell at drizzle_com>
> Subject: Too much of a commercial presence on APD?
> It seems like we're seeing a lot more of a commercial presence on APD
> than we used to.  I'm thinking in particular of two entities that used
> to be very small scale or non-commercial, but that have now come to be a
> fairly constant marketing presence.  Is this bothering anyone else?  Or
> are maybe these two people just viewed as list members who happen to be
> filling the somewhat specialized needs of the group?  Personally, I draw
> the line where someone posts a message saying nothing more than, in
> effect, "I can sell you what you're looking for at http://..."
> - -- Sherman Lovell