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Re: Congos and Shrimp

I have had Congos and Amano shrimp in my 29 and they lived peacefuly for a
while and then one day I saw a bunch of commotion and one of my Congos was
swimming around with an Amano shrimp in its mouth.  If one has a lot of
Amano shrimp in a large tank it might work out but in my experience Congos
seem to enjoy eating Amano shrimp.


> Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 11:43:40 -0500
> From: Karen Randall <krandall at world_std.com>
> Subject: Congos and Shrimp
> >I am in love with the Congo Tetra.  I want the (mobile)
> >centerpiece of this tank to be a big meatball of them.  Like 30 of them.
> >I bought them small, and kept them fed, are they likely to prey on the
> >shrimp?  I can see a danger, given that they are a relatively large fish
> >when they mature.  And they do develop a relatively large mouth.  If I
> >raised them on a predictable diet, would they even seek anything outside
> >their food?
> I keep a dozen full grown Congos in my 125, which also houses an unknown
> number of Amano shrimp.  I hardly ever see the shrimp, which may mean that
> the Congos can't find them either, but there are still definitely a number
> of them in there, as from time to time I find them in a small :tide pool"
> (for lack of a better term) that forms in the top of a large piece of
> driftwood in the tank.  This is right under the MH's, and I think that it
> grows some of the only algae available in the tank.  I think this is why
> they go there.
> I'm not saying a Congo wouldn't make a meal out of an AMano shrimp if the
> opportunity presented itself, but at least in y heavily planted tank, the
> shimp seem to find plenty of cover.  I also have a red tailed shark and a
> couple of Synos in the tank, and they haven't been able to wipe out the
> shrimp either.
> >And are there any other nasty things that might come up with
> >Congo Tetras that I should be aware of before I actually spend that much
> >money on them?
> I don't know if I'd call it "nasty", but you should know that they _do_
> some plants.  Not enough that good strong growth can't more than keep up
> with them, but I wouldn't put them in with a lot of delicate, "precious"
> plant material.  Still I' happily accept the fact that they eat a lef here
> and their in return for the beauty they add to a tank.
> Re; Jobes Spikes, contact Dave Gomberg.  I believe he's bought up the
> North American supply ;-)
> Karen