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Re: banana plants

> i just bought 3 banana plants (they're actually my favorite). can anyone
>  tell me their scientific name? does the "banana" root fall off in time? if
>  not, how can i keep them from falling off? any other advise on how to
>  propagate this lovely plants?...thanks in advance.

The scientific name of banana plants is Nymphoides aquatica. They grow wild 
down here in Florida. You rarely see the big banana-like root structures when 
they are growing in a pond. Whenever I have collected them they have had long 
thick root systems, but when I put them in my outdoor pond, they developed 
"bananas". The lily-pad-like leaves will (under good conditions) grow all the 
way to the surface of your tank water and bloom. As far as I know, the banana 
doesn't fall off, but since all the wild ones I've seen are banana-free, they 
may not need them once well established (i.e. when the long thick root system 
is developed).