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Re: Banana plants

> i just bought 3 banana plants (they're actually my favorite). can anyone
> tell me their scientific name?

Nyphoides aquatica.

> does the "banana" root fall off in time? if

I've got one that lost it's bananas.  But other haven't.  

> propagate this lovely plants?...thanks in advance.

Well, I've produced about 6 new banana plants, but with no bananas.  It's
easy to propagate them that way.  When they send a floating leaf to the
surface,  I let them float for a while (normally a week or so), then I
clip the stem about 5 inches below the leaf.  Then let the leaf float
until roots appear at the bottom of the stem.  Once the roots develop,
I clip the stem about an inch above the roots, and plant it.  A week 
later, it's a baby banana plant.  

I'd like to find out how to make them create new plants with bananas.