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"Do I need PMDD?" and "How-To?"

I am not sure wether I need a fertilizer for my tank or not... When I get 
new plants parts of the leaves turn yellow and glassy/transparent. I have
100 % Flourite gravel with Flourish tabs. I'm starting up a DIY CO2 system
today, and I have 102 watts of PC on a 46 gallon tank, so it isn't a
lighting problem like my LFS insisted. They said I could use Duplaplant...
will PMDD or Duplaplant stop this yellowing? BTW, after a while the plant
corrects itself and grows good again. I have Hygro 'Tropical Sunset', and
with the Seachem stuff the leaves have brilliant red veins. So, should I use
any additional fertilizers? If I should use PMDD, can someone give me some
pointers to sites that have the recipe, and where to get the ingredients???
Thank you all!
                                                        Ben Brown
                                                        Frederick, MD