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Low PO4 Levels & Miracle-Gro house plant food

My tank is finally starting to look good, thanks to the help many of you
have provided to me.  However, I would greatly  appreciate any help that you
experts can provide to me interpreting some test results, specifically the
PO4 levels in my tank.  Results are as follows:
PO4 = 0.20
pH = 7.8
GH = 7.5
KH = 4
Fe = undetectable
Ammonia & Nitrite = 0
CO2 injection (3 to 4 bubbles per second)
The tank is 75 gal, with 200 watts light, moderate-to-heavy fish load,
moderate plant load.
I change approximately 40% of the water weekly.
I fertilize as follows:
    "Root Tabs Plus Iron" (from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) in the substrate;
composition 0-0-3
    Kent Freshwater Micronutrient Supplement with Iron (contains no Nitrates
or Phosphates) in the water
In the past, I have used the liquid fertilizer very lightly because it
seemed to cause algae outbursts.  My plants are growing more quickly now,
and I have very little (almost no) algae at all - except for the little
spots that develop on the glass.
After each water change, the plants grow very quickly for a day or so ...
then slow until the next week.
Should I be adding a fertilizer with PO4?  How about my liquid Miracle-Gro
house plant food with Cleated Iron? (guaranteed analysis 8-7-6)
Thanks from Ohio.