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RE: jumping fish story

A couple comments about jumping fish hit home with me. I started with a
fully open topped tank (sort of). There was a 4" gap that the light hood
doesn't cover across the front and back of the tank.  One day, a SAE did the
suicide leap from the front of the tank while I was watching. Happily, I
saved him, and put glass covers on the front section of the tank. (The
pictures on my web page help this make sense)

Months later, I found a dead SAE behind the tank. This prompted me to use
florescent diffuser eggcrate and make a cover for the back 4" across the
tank. I tried to make one from 1/4" plexi, but the heat made it bow badly.

Fast forward a year, I have had 2 SAEs in 4 months that have managed to leap
through the 2.5" gap between the water and the lights and land on the center
support on the tank. I called the first one a fluke, but the other one
happened yesterday.

Today, I plan on making an internal shield out of eggcrate to fill the gap
between the center support on the tank and the top of the hood on each side.
Basically, I guess this has taught me that SAEs not only jump well, they
land in low probability areas.

I HATE fish losses that could have been prevented. I can handle old age:)

Jon Wilson