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Re: sources for phosphate

    Jason Luebke asked for an easy source of phosphate.  I use Seachem's 
"neutral regulator" which "contains phosphate buffers."  A little goes a long 
    I thought I was phosphate limited, and added four spoonfuls to my 65 gal. 
 I guess I am lucky that the immediate algae outbreak (within 18 hours) was 
only green water.  Still took 7 days to fix.  If I were to try it again, I 
would start with about half a spoonful with the included little spoon. 
    Good luck.
    Pierre Gagne
    kensington, MD

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Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 16:15:04 -0600
 From: "Luebke, Jason" <jason.luebke at attws_com>
 Subject: common sources for phosphate
 With all of the phosphate discussions, I have been thinking that my tanks
 are possibly severly phosphate limited. I have a few tanks that are high
 light and CO2 injected and they all show macro-nutrient deficiencies. I plan
 to get a phosphate test kit before I add any phosphate to the water column,
 but I would like to have something on hand that I could add if there is no
 phosphate. I have used Jobes sticks (for ferns) in the substrate, but
 besides minimal fish feeding, there is no major source of phosphate for my
 tanks since I use re-constituded RO water. So can some one give me some
 common sources for adding phosphate. I have heard that potassium monobasic
 phosphate is a source. Where can I commonly get this or other safe phosphate
 containing additions. I would like to primarily add just phosphate if
 possible without other additives. Potassium would be OK though. Any help
 would be appreciated. Thanks
 Jason Luebke