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Re: CO2 equipment

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> From: Kerry Fillgrove <kerry at biocserver_BIOC.CWRU.Edu>
> Subject: Re:  CO2 equipment

> explain some of the differences between regulators.  There 
> are different
> qualities of regulators which correspond to the type of gas 
> being used.

I don't think the quality of the regulators differ depending on the type of gas they are designed for.  But there _are_ different qualities of regulators available within a manufacturer's product line.  I guess that's what you meant.

> top of the tank has a male connector,  and the CGA 320 
> regulator has the
> corresponding female connector with a left handed thread.   

The CGA 320 connections are right hand threaded (not trying to be nit picky, just thought someone might want to know.)

> I am pretty sure that you cannot use a medical gas regulator on an
> industrial style gas tank.  The designs are completely different.  If

You can use a medical gas regulator on a tank with a CGA 320 connection.  I had one converted by an authorized regulator repair shop.  They just removed the connector for the medical cylinder and replaced it with a CGA 320 swivel and nut.

> you could find CO2 in a medical style tank than such a regulator would
> work.   Unfortunately I have never seen CO2 available in a medical gas
> tank, only oxygen and nitrous oxide.

CO2 is available in a medical gas cylinder.  But you need some kind of medical certification (perhaps a prescription?) to get it refilled, according to one of the gas companies here in Hawaii.  That's why I had my regulator converted.

Good luck,
Wade Shimoda