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Re: Jobes sticks

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Louis Lin wrote:

> Jobe sticks are targeted at the house plant market.  That's why it said "for
> beatutiful houseplants"
> on the package.  Just make you get the one for ferns because it has the
> lowest phospate content (the
> second number in the N-P-K value on the package).

Louis (and others who made similar comments),

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with using other varieties
of Jobe's sticks.

When I first started using Jobes sticks I used a variety that I recall had
quite a bit more phosphorus than the fern and palm sticks. I switched to
the fern and palm sticks after I ran out of the first batch.  I got better
plant growth and no special problems using the high phosphorus sticks.
When I run out of the hard-to-find fern and palm variety I'm going to go
back to using the high phosphorus variety.

Roger Miller