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Re: mycobacteriosis

This seems like an extreme measure. There is a medication which claims to 
treat TB. Aside from that, it appears from reading the article that it is 
rather ubiquitous in the aquatic world (saltwater animals, freshwater 
aquaria, ponds, etc.) and rather likely that we'll wind up with fish in the 
tank along the way who has been exposed, one way or another. Some species 
seem more susceptible to environmental pathogens while others are generally 
healthier. I am in agreement with the quarantine idea, but it seems as if 
they can carry this for quite some time, far beyond a quarantine period, 
before succumbing to disease (if they ever do).

As far as transmitting to humans, it's probably not a good idea to drink from 
the tank, and observe sound sanitary measures when working in the tank and 
changing water. 


<< I'm afraid that the news on that front isn't very good. Most treatments 
call for
 euthanizing all fish who have been in the same tank with the infected fish, 
 using bleach and alcohol on the plants. By the way, humans can catch it too
 (fish handler's disease; siphoning water out of the tank is not 
recommended), so
 be careful with open sores.
 There is a very well researched article on the disease here:
 I had to euthanize and tear down a planted 55 gallon aquarium a few years 
 when I put in a Melanotania species that was just in from Europe. Unless you
 raise the fish from eggs, a lengthy quarantine for rainbows is in order.